S.M.A.R.T. (ScholarSkills Multi-Sensory Academy for Reading Teachers)

Preventing, detecting, and correcting dyslexia and other language-based reading disabilities by equipping parents and teachers to implement science-based, multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham, Spelling-for-Reading strategies

We help parents and teachers use the science of reading, analytical spelling, and Orton-Gillingham strategies to help all students, especially those diagnosed with language-based reading disabilities such as dyslexia.

Professional Development in the Science of Reading and Multi-sensory strategies such as Orton-Gillingham which are designed to help students overcome language-based disabilities such as dyslexia

ScholarSkills provides professional development through virtual and in-person workshops and interactive courses, which teachers can use for classroom activities, daily reinforcement, and formative and summative assessments.

ScholarSkills offers more than professional development: we provide continual support and coaching for instructors and evaluation systems for administrators to insure fidelity of implementation.

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Bring T.A.G. (The Academic Gym) to your classroom and make learning fun by blending Phonics and Fitness into one.

Phonics, Fitness, and Fun: Active Learning for Active Kids

Training in the Science of Reading, Analytical Spelling, and Multi-sensory strategies


ScholarSkills, one of the nation’s experts in the science of reading and multisensory training, is offering professional development workshops and a comprehensive curriculum for applying the science of reading to both reading and writing skills. 

Our S.M.A.R.T. curriculum consists of phonics, vocabulary, and grammar to help students develop complementary excellence in reading and writing. We help teachers master and implement each aspect of the science of reading through active learning and visual, interactive, tactile, auditory language tools.  ScholarSkills also provides continual support and coaching for instructors and formative and summative assessments for evaluating student progress and fidelity of implementation.

Upon completion of these courses, educators will receive certification from ScholarSkills as certified science of reading Instructors. This certification means that instructors have been intensively trained in the use of multi-sensory tools to teach and remediate students in foundational reading skills comprising the structures of sounds, words, and sentences. This equips instructors to teach and remediate students from Kindergarten through Grade 8.

ScholarSkills will provide webinars and live coaching sessions throughout the training process.

What multi-sensory tools do we use?

1. Interactive flashcards with embedded QR codes and magnetic, color-coded tactile tools for teaching spelling, grammar, and vocabulary.

We use interactive flashcards with embedded QR codes, which help students to hear and spell phonemic sounds correctly. These cards can be used in both an online and physical classroom environment. They are available as PDF printouts, and they are also available in book form so that students can practice at home.

We also provide instructors with magnetic, color-coded tactile tools to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

2. Interactive audio lessons and student response exercises

Our LMS (course platform) makes it easy for instructors to help students sharpen their auditory skills by using guided audio developmental spelling exercises and quizzes. Students demonstrate their reading and spelling skills by recording themselves and uploading the recordings through the platform or by email.

3. Physical textbooks with interactive QR codes

These texts allow students to hear sounds, spell sounds, and write them down. They also provide instructors with ways of identifying and targeting weaknesses that are specific to individual students.

4. Self-teaching learning videos

Self-teaching videos are a major component of each course level, as they allow students to learn critical elements of sound and to review those elements at their own pace. They also provide teachers with an invaluable tool for individuating and differentiating lessons.

5. Singing and chanting spelling songs

Chanting enchants students and helps them to remember concepts by rhyming. We have created our own blend of easy-to- remember sing-along sounds so that students can store critical concepts quickly and retrieve them easily.

6. Gamification and motivation

Our course platform motivates students and affirms their effort by constantly showing how many points they are gaining for each exercise or quiz completion.

7. What unique value will instructors gain from this course?

Most teacher training courses provide valuable ways for teachers to interact with their students. This program offers that and more: the training course becomes a fully loaded teaching course. Instructors get to keep the entire course and implement it immediately within their classrooms as teachers and outside of their classrooms as tutors or as afterschool literacy specialists.

Please contact us at 833-433-7323 for more information, or email us at info@scholarskillsforstars.com

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