What will educators learn in this course?

Course content

Educators will learn how to use multisensory tools to show students how to analyze sentences. When students become skilled at analyzing sentences, they will improve their reading comprehension and writing skills. 

What will educators be able to do after completing this course?

Course completion

Educators will be able to teach students how to analyze sentence structure and how to apply this syntactical analysis to constructing and comprehending complex sentences.

What resources will be supplied with the course?

Educators will receive the following:

PDF copies of sentence analysis workbooks.

Instructors Guide to Magnetic Grammar

What resources should be purchased for implementation?

Please click below to view resources required for implementing sentence analysis skills within the classroom.

Resources can also be invoiced and paid by purchase order.

How to register for this course

Course registration

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How much does this course cost?

Course fees

  • $1500 per educator
  • $3500 for a group of three educators
  • $500 per each additional educator if purchasing a group of three seats

How long does this course last?

Course duration

30 hours