What will educators learn in this module?

Course Content

Educators will learn the following:

  • This course is for educators whose students are learning how to read. It is an intensive, systematic, phonetic, structured evidenced-based approach to decoding and word recognition. Instructors will learn how to use multi-sensory visual, interactive, tactile, auditory learning strategies to help students overcome reading difficulties. For example, teachers will learn how to engage students in exciting, effective ways by helping them to sound, say, and sing syllabic and phonemic sounds.

    Ultimately, this is a speech-to-print course. Students will build foundations for excellence in reading and writing by learning how to spell phonemic and syllabic sounds by naming and writing them down. In other words, students will learn to spell well to read well.

    The course content includes the following:
    An introduction to the Science of Reading made simple: what every reading teacher needs to know about how the brain learns to read.

    An introduction to the Science of Spelling made simple: what every reading teacher needs to know about how systematic spelling instruction enhances reading instruction.

    Instructors will learn:
    How to help students master the alphabetic principle
    How to help students build phonemic awareness through auditory training
    How to help students master phonetic elements through simple syllables
    How to help students develop phonemic analysis through syllabic segmentation
    How to help students build words by using the most essential syllabic patterns such as CVC and VCE words

What will educators be able to do after completing this course?

Course completion

Educators will be able to implement the science of reading through multisensory activities for students in grades K-5 in one to one, small groups, and whole class instruction. Pre-K educators will also be able to use these strategies and skills to help their students develop greater phonological and phonemic awareness. 

List of resources included with course

Resources included with the course

  • PDF Phonemic awareness and phonics flashcards
  • Complete set of 97 phonetic instructional videos
  • Spelling rules instructional videos

List of Resources to be purchased


Resources to purchase:
Set of Sound and Say Spelling and Phonemic Textbooks 
Spell that Sound: the science of reading made easy for educators

Resources can also be invoiced and paid by purchase order.

How long does this course last?

Course duration

30 hours

How much does this course cost?

Course fees

  • $1500 per educator
  • $3500 for a group of three educators
  • $500 per each additional educator if purchasing a group of three seats

How to register for this course

Course registration

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