About us

Providing training in implementing the science of reading through multisensory, structured literacy programs

ScholarSkills, one of the nation’s experts in the science of reading and multisensory training, is offering professional development workshops and a comprehensive curriculum for applying the science of reading to both reading and writing skills. 

Our S.M.A.R.T. curriculum consists of phonics, vocabulary, and grammar to help students develop complementary excellence in reading and writing. We help teachers master and implement each aspect of the science of reading through active learning, multisensory strategies, and visual, interactive, tactile, auditory language tools.  ScholarSkills also provides continual support and coaching for instructors and formative and summative assessments for evaluating student progress and fidelity of implementation.

Our mission:

 Our mission is to train instructors to use systematically structured oral spelling, active learning, and Visual, Interactive, Tactile, and Auditory Language (or VITAL) tools to help students master the phonemic, syllabic, and morphemic building blocks of English.

To fulfill its mission, ScholarSkills provides training in multisensory strategies and structured literacy programs, which equip parents and schools to teach children how to read and write with excellence.

ScholarSkills offers more than professional development: we provide continual support and coaching for instructors and evaluation to ensure fidelity of implementation.

Our training program will enable instructors to understand and apply multisensory strategies to the following subject areas so that students can learn to spell, read, and write with excellence:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Phonetic instruction
  • Syntactic (Grammatical) awareness for sentence construction and reading comprehension
  • Morphological instruction for analytical vocabulary and spelling skills

For more information, please contact us at 833-433-READ (7323), or email us at info@scholarskillsforstars.com