Start your own reading skills service. Become a ScholarSkills®️-Certified Multi-sensory reading skills tutor.

Become a ScholarSkills-Certified®️ multisensory reading skills provider and start your own independent reading remediation and acceleration business.

Get paid for your passion!

Become a ScholarSkills-Certified®️ multisensory supplementary reading skills provider and start your own reading remediation and acceleration business.

Have you ever wanted to change students' lives by teaching them how to overcome reading difficulties? Then this program is for you. You will gain the skills and tools you need to succeed when you're teaching students how to read. Earn sustainable income as an independent tutoring business owner while doing what you love. Succeed by teaching children how to read.


1. What courses do I need to complete to get credentialed as a ScholarSkills-Certified®️ multisensory supplementary reading skills provider?

All applicants must complete the S.M.A.R.T. training course which qualifies instructors to teach the first five levels of Sound Foundations Completion.

2. How long does this training take?

The S.M.A.R.T. training course consists of at least 30 hours of live-virtual and asynchronous classes. Applicants take all courses online, so both the training time and hours are flexible and are determined by each individual. However, each course requires comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter, and trainees must complete the courses in the same manner as their potential students would. This process ensures total familiarity with the unique facets of our reading system.

3. Do I have to attend workshops?

Workshop training is part of the process for obtaining your credentialing. We will schedule live and on demand workshops to give instructors the best opportunities for asking questions and getting the help they need to master the concepts and resources.

Final certification as a reading skills specialist requires a zoom session, which allows us to meet the trainee and to gauge their understanding of the coursework and our methodology.

4.  What does the training and credentialing process cost? And are the course materials part of my training package and initial investment?

S.M.A.R.T. training Course: $1500

S.M.A.R.T. training course costs do not include the annual training and support fee of $4,500, which is payable in monthly installments or the monthly subscription fee of $95.00 to reserve your Online Learning Management System. Your online platform is needed to process your clients and grant them access to your classes.

All digital (PDF) resources and videos are built for teacher training and immediate implementation for providing tutoring services to students and training workshops for parents. This does not include physical, multisensory materials, which can be purchased from our online store.

Successful completion of the S.M.A.R.T. training course guarantees access to T.O.P.S., which is our continued commitment to Training, Organizing, Promoting, and Supporting your tutoring services.

5. What if I have questions during the course?

We encourage trainees to email us with any questions they may have. Our training support team will respond promptly.

6. Do you provide support for teachers and tutors who complete the course?

Yes. We feature our credentialed providers on our websites and on our social media platforms. In addition, credentialed providers pay monthly subscription of $95.00 to "rent" a website portal completely furnished with all digital tools and interactive systems that are necessary to teach students online. 

7. What do I do next if I would like to learn more about the opportunity?

Please click on the blue box at the bottom of the page to complete a request for more information. The informational session is free with no obligations.

8. What do I do next if I would like to register to start my training and credentialing to start my own independent business as a credentialed multi-sensory reading skills specialist?

Please click on the last blue box at the bottom of the page to begin your training and credentialing process. 

I understand that successful completion of the ScholarSkills-Certification program will result in being credentialed as a fully trained ScholarSkills-Certified®️ multisensory supplementary reading skills provider. However, this is not a state or city teaching license. It will not satisfy the requirement to work in public schools. Please check your state or city public schools' websites for their requirements for working in the state or public schools' teacher's systems. Being credentialed by ScholarSkills as an expert in Multisensory Reading Skills does, however, represent to the general public (and to private schools) that you have completed an intensive, systematic training course in the science of reading through ScholarSkills, which is a state licensed tutoring institution. Moreover, ScholarSkills-Certification does not entitle any individual to use the ScholarSkills brand, logo, or any other branding features, except for the purpose of displaying or demonstrating the ScholarSkills Certification that was conferred upon that individual. Nor does the certification process initiate an employment relationship between ScholarSkills or any tutor certified by the ScholarSkills-Certification process. Individuals who complete the certification program are deemed independent operators capable of starting their own reading skills service programs or business. Annual fees ensure continuance in the T.O.P.S. support program. Monthly fees ensure access to the LMS and curriculum necessary to administer the processing and instruction of students.

Submitting this request for information form shows your understanding and agreement with this description of the nature of the credentialing process.

If you have any questions about the training process, please email us at

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