Sound Foundations

L 1 Sound Foundations (Pre-K through K-and beyond) (S&SL1 STARS)

This course is for parents, tutors, and classroom teachers whose students are learning how to read. It is an intensive, systematic, phonetic, structured evidenced-based approach to decoding and word recognition. Instructors will learn how to use multi-sensory visual, interactive, tactile, auditory learning strategies to help students overcome reading difficulties. For example, teachers will learn how to engage students in exciting, effective ways by helping them to sound, say, and sing syllabic and phonemic sounds.

Ultimately, this is a speech-to-print course. Students will build foundations for excellence in reading and writing by learning how to spell phonemic and syllabic sounds by naming and writing them down. In other words, students will learn to spell well to read well.

The course content includes the following:
An introduction to the Science of Reading made simple: what every reading teacher needs to know about how the brain learns to read.

An introduction to the Science of Spelling made simple: what every reading teacher needs to know about how systematic spelling instruction enhances reading instruction.

Instructors will learn:
How to help students master the alphabetic principle
How to help students build syllabic awareness through auditory training
  • Sound & Say Level One
  • What is the goal of this course?
  • Developing The Alphabetic Principle & Phonemic Awareness: Tools Parents Can Use
  • Why is the Alphabet so important?
  • Student's Exercise: Letters stand for sounds.
  • Alphabet song: just the sounds.mp3
  • Alphabet Names-Sounds Chart.pdf
  • Printed Alphabet Names and Sounds.pdf
  • Review your Alphabet Sounds
  • A. T.A.G. spelling alphabetic sounds.mp4
  • Reviewing your Alphabet sounds
  • Say your Sounds
  • T.A.G. Vowel Chants
  • B. T.A.G. Intro to Short Vowel Sounds.mp4
  • C. T.A.G. Short Vowel A.mp4
  • D. TAG Short Vowel E.mp4
  • E. TAG Short Vowel i.mp4
  • F. TAG Short Vowel O.mp4
  • G. TAG Short Vowel U.mp4
  • H. T.A.G. Long Vowel Sounds.mp4
  • I. T.A.G. Long & Short Vowel Sounds.mp4
  • Vowel Sounds: Review
  • short vowel sounds.mp3
  • pat pet short vowels.mp3
  • Long Vowel Sounds aeiou go to sleep.mp3
  • vowel & consonant
  • Why are vowels so important?
  • Sound, say, & sing the syllables
  • Section one: table 1
  • Syllable Table One Recording.mp4
  • my song table 1.mp3
  • Break the sound down!
  • Section Two: Table 2
  • Syllable Table Two Recording.mp4
  • my song table 2.mp3
  • Break the sound down!
  • Section Three: Table 3
  • Syllable Table Three Recording.mp4
  • my song table 3.mp3 (clone)
  • Break the sound down!
  • Section Four: Table 4
  • Syllable Table Four Recording.mp4
  • my song table 4.mp3
  • Break the sound down!
  • Section Five: Table 5
  • Syllable Table Five Recording.mp4
  • my song table 5.mp3
  • Break the sound down!
  • Section Six: Table 6
  • Syllable Table Six Recording.mp4
  • my song table 6.mp3
  • Break the sound down!
  • Section Seven: Table 7
  • Syllable Table Seven Recording.mp4
  • my song table 7.mp3
  • Break the sound down!
  • Section Eight: Table 8
  • Syllable Table Eight Recording.mp4
  • my song table 8.mp3
  • Break the sound down!
  • Section Nine: Table 9
  • Syllable Table Nine Recording.mp4
  • my song table 9.mp3
  • Break the sound down!
  • Section Ten: Table 10
  • my song table 10.mp3
  • Syllable Table Ten Recording.mp4
  • Break the sound down!
  • Section Eleven: Table 11
  • Syllable Table Eleven Recording.mp4
  • my song table 11.mp3
  • Break the sound down!
  • Chant and Spell Syllables
  • Chant and Spell Table 1
  • Chant and Spell Table 2
  • Chant and Spell Table 3
  • Chant and Spell Table 4
  • Chant and Spell Table 5
  • Chant and Spell Table 6
  • Chant and Spell Table 8
  • Chant and Spell Table 9
  • Chant and Spell Table 10
  • Chant and Spell Table 11
  • Sound & Say Level One Completed
  • Reading Education Center
  • Summary and Review Why Spelling is the key to reading
  • Summary and Review: How the brain learns to read
  • ScholarSkills Steps to Reading Success Chart.pdf
  • Science of Reading Terminology for Parents and other educators.pdf
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever